We have e-bikes of excellent quality, guaranteeing a stable ride and good power for the up-hill stretches. Our e-bikes are casual and easy to ride for anybody, with any level of fitness. Trying is believing! 

We have several types of ebikes. A few for children (read about ebike family trips here: Tuscany ebike with children), several touring ebikes with low step in (like the Canondale in the picture below) and many ebike of the Mountain Bike type that are comfortable both for on road and off road tours.

KTM ebikes for use in Tuscany tours and rentals

The batteries are all high technology ones that guarantee to last up to 50 km in the Tuscan hills. Our tours and self guided itineraries are not over 40 kms, so you will be perfectly fine with these electric Mountain Bikes (e-MTB). We have big broad tires with high profile that give even more stability on the gravel roads we also take, both down hill as well as up hill.

We love our power assisted bicycles and are very sure you will too. We have tested the e-bikes extensively and are very confident of the quality, power and durability.

The Conway and KTM e-bikes are the last we have added (see pdf with specifications)


You can have a look at our older ebikes e-MTB specifications here (pdf 166 KB). 

Apart from the MTB types of e-bikes we also have a few touring bike electric bikes. These can only be used on tar roads. The trekking e-bikes have fewer gears, but have great power to get everybody up the hill just the same. These bikes are ideal for elder people or those who are a bit less flexible for getting on and off the e-bike.

E-biking with a family or children

Toscana by Bike has several solutions to go biking with a family. Pictures and more information can be found here: 
Tuscany ebike with children

So do get in touch in case you would like to do a self guided bike tour with your family, or rent a few bikes for the day!