Cycling to San Gimignano

A beautiful route that takes a whole day, leaving Montespertoli in the morning, you can reach San Gimignano, passing the old town of Certaldo. In San Gimignano you could have lunch and charge the ebike batteries, leave the ebikes in a secure place and visit the town and then enjoy the ride back in the afternoon.

The total trip is about 60 km. The views are wonderful as you approach San Gimignano slowly. You get the best of it because you pass lovely villas and panoramas, vineyards, olive groves, cypress trees and pine trees to end up in San Gimignano where you do not have parking problems. You can go to Enjoy close to Porta San Giovanni, just outside the walled city, where they can prepare a nice lunch and recharge the batteries of the ebikes so you do not have to worry about how much power you ask from the ebikes while cycling up hill.

You can leave the bikes at Enjoy while touring San Gimignano and then ride back following a different road.

Download Google map route:

Montespertoli - San Gimignano passing Certaldo - Google Map link

Montespertoli - San Gimignano passing Certaldo - KML file (see our KML manual for use on mobile phones)


Length: about 60 km

Not difficult to cycle on an e-MTB, no steep stretches and the roads and paths are in good condition.

Best for MTB of e-MTB

You can have a break in Certaldo and proceed to San Gimignano for lunch.