Massimo Chellini


I was born in Montespertoli and have always lived there, cultivating my passion for cycling and hiking. I promote events about our authentic Tuscan culture and the rural world. I help organize playful events in the fields of sports and environmental education. I furthermore keep myself busy with theatre, representing all the sentiments I nourish for this beautiful part of Tuscany.



Paolo Gennai

Nature and historic guide

I was born in the countryside of Val d’Elsa and after finishing my history study at the University of Florence, I continued studying the history of science and technology, specifically in the field of mining and iron metallurgy in Tuscany. From here I went on researching the social side, reconstructing social-political community and family affairs and looking into groups with power in Tuscany, always linking the findings to the Tuscany territory. I walked the whole of Tuscany and a lot of the rest of the centre of Italy, especially the Apennines, thus acquiring the title and license of ‘Nature and historic guide’. In the past few years I dedicated myself to studying the landscape and setting up environmental projects, collaborating daily with architects, geologists, geographers, the forestry corps, agronomists, architectural archeologists and anthropologists. A multidisciplinary way of working which I believe is essential. I wrote several publications, some historical and others are hiking guides, biking guides and guides aimed at understanding the environment surrounding us. Right now I work as a nature and history tour guide as well as being a museum director. I live in Carmignano, in the province of Prato and work mostly in Central and Southern Tuscany.

Some of the books about Tuscany I wrote or co-authored.


Silvia Napoleone

Silvia tour guide Tuscany

My name is Silvia, I was born in 1990 and I grew up in the countryside in the middle of Chianti, between Florence and Siena. I obtained my walking/nature-guide licence in 2014 and I speak three languages: Italian, my mother tongue; English, which I studied during a six month experience in Ireland; Swiss German, which I have spoken since birth as my mother is Swiss. My travels have enabled me to see the world through the eyes of a tourist and gain an understanding of how much a genuine experience can mean. I really appreciate meeting people from every part of the world and helping them discover Tuscany in a simple, natural way as I have done up until now and still do every day! My passions are quite simply: sharing special moments with like-minded people and revealing how people and the environment have co-existed over the centuries in this part of Italy. I wish all tourists who come to visit Tuscany an enjoyable stay and I look forward to seeing you.