Map with cycling route 8 castles around Montespertoli

This 30 km route is really lovely, not only because you pass so many old castles, but you cycle on small roads in the middle of vineyards, fields of grain, old farmhouses and olive groves. Tuscany at its best, with cypress trees planted exactly in the right places, often hundreds of years ago.  

We have several versions of this tour.
1. The first one is partly on dirt roads and has more up and downs, so a bit more difficult and best for people who cycle regularly.
2. The second one is almost entirely on normal asphalt roads (with little traffic) and passes Tavarnelle where you could have lunch, ice cream or otherwise.
3. The third variant is entirely on normal roads and is a shorter version, this is the route we also use for our Audio Guided tour.



This route is not difficult, but there are some dirt roads (wide tracks where a car could also pass, therefore not dangerous or difficult). This route is ideal to do in e-MTB, unless you are well trained.

Rent an (e-)bike in Montespertoli with us and download this route passing 8 beautiful castles. You can see the route on your smart phone and easily find your way.

Obviously this route is free for anybody to use, even if you are not a client of ours! Do drop us a line if you like the route, or 'like us' on Facebook! 

Download Google map 8 castle route:

8 Castles cycling route Tuscany - Google map

8 Castles cycling route Tuscany - KML file (see our short manual about how to use KML files on mobile phones without data roaming)


Length: about 30 km

Not difficult to cycle on an e-MTB, but there are some steeper stretches. However the roads and paths are in good condition. 

Ideal for MTB or e-MTB, not suitable for a touring bike let alone a racing bike!

You can stop in San Pancrazio for a coffee break or something to eat. There is also a lovely 'alimentari' just after San Pancrazio in Santa Cristina. You can fill your water bottle at the Poppiano castle, you will find a fountain in front of the church.


This route is easy and passes mostly over the ridges of the hills, after you initially have to get to the ridge. With an e-bike this is easy to do. The route is beautiful, mostly on smaller roads and hardly any steep stretches. Apart from castles, you pass a very old church near Tavarnelle and you can have lunch in Tavarnelle, either in a bar or in one of the restaurants. The ice cream shop Bananas has excellent quality ice cream and you pass this shop after entering town.
You could follow our Audio guide Tuscany for the first part of the route.


Download the route as KML file to be able to follow in the app


The length is about 42 km
Easy cycling
Suitable for any kind of bike, also racing bike (at Tavarnelle there is a very short stretch non-asfalt, but in good condition)
You can stop for refreshments in San Pancrazio, in Santa Cristina or in Tavarnelle.


This route starts like the variant number 2 but cuts short at San Pancrazio to return to Montespertoli. This route is ideal for a half day rental (max three hours) and is exactly the route you can also follow with our Audio Guide. See the Audio guide Tuscany page for this route.


Feel free to ask us for advice in case you are not sure how to proceed.