Renting a bike or ebike with us or participating in a tour, means you adhere to our Terms and Conditions.

Your reservation will be valid the moment you pay 30% down payment or in some cases other sums as agreed via email, of the total cost of the tour or rental. You will receive via email a pdf with your booking, indicating how to make the payment. By paying, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Payment of this downpayment is regulated by Article 1385 of the Italian Civil Code. 

By making the downpayment, you agree to the terms and conditions.


Getting the bike & payment

The balance of the total cost of the tour or rental will be paid when you get the bike, either in our shop or at a place where the client is staying, if so agreed (which will in that case be stipulated clearly in the booking pdf with the costs associated for this service). We accept payment by credit card (non American Express) and in cash.

Clients need to bring a valid ID.

The rental of our e-bikes require a security deposit of 300 Euro per e-bike (Euro 100 per normal bike). We can use your credit card for this security deposit, which will be annulled the moment you bring the e-bike back in the same condition as we delivered it. This serves only as security and does not immediately debit your card with anything. In case you do not have a credit card or only American Express, this sum should be left in cash, which is not our preferred option.

When picking p the bikes you will have to sign a waiver. In case of more people in one group, it is accepted that only one persons signs, but we do need all data from the others in his/her group.

The client will check the bikes together with Toscana by Bike to assure all is in good condition. The clients should notify any problem with the bikes immediately to Toscana by Bike before leaving the shop.
After having left the shop, the client is fully responsible for the bike and will make sure he/she returns the bike in the same condition, apart from the normal wear like some mud on the bike, at the shop of Toscana by Bike or otherwise as agreed upon while booking.

The client will bring the bikes and accessories back within the agreed times as indicated on the booking pdf.

In case of a damaged bike, the client can get a different bike after calling Toscana by Bike and explaining why the bike is damaged. Depending on availability, Toscana by Bike will substitute the bike with a similar bike if available, but no guarantee can be made it will have the same technical standards.

When returning the bike / accessories the client and Toscana by Bike will check the bike together for damages. In case there are damages that have not been caused by normal wear and usage of a bike, the clients will have to pay Toscana by Bike for the damages immediately. The damages will be valued by Toscana by Bike.

The client is responsible for any damages he/she caused while using a bike to themselves or others, to things and property of the client or others and to  the bike itself.

The costs of repairs can be found on the priceless in our shop.

In case the client does not agree with the damages asked by Toscana by Bike, Toscana by Bike has the right to act conform these general conditions and especially regarding the payment of the compensation and security deposit.



In case you need to cancel either a tour or rental, or in case of non-show at the agreed time and place, Toscana by Bike will reserve the right to keep your down payment you paid when making the reservation and you have no right to any form of reimbursement.

In case a client cancels 6 weeks or more before the tour or rental, Toscana by Bike will return the downpayment, minus 25 Euro administration costs. In case the client cancels 6 weeks or less before the start date of the tour or rental, the client does not have any right to a refund.

In case the tour needs to be cancelled from our part due to any conditions that could make the tour dangerous or less safe (like for instance very bad weather like thunderstorms or heavy rain) or due to force majeure, we will in most cases propose an alternative. If you do not agree to this, we reserve the right to keep your down payment.


The anticipated interruption of the tour or rental on behalf of a participant will not give you any right to get a refund, we will count the full sum of the tour or rental as stipulated in the booking pdf.


The prices of our tours and rentals are indicated on our website, but the valid price is indicated on your booking pdf. 

Risks and Responsibilities

Our tours and the itineraries we recommend for our (e-)bike rental, even though they are easy, present inherent risks associated with cycling; therefore, each participants will be fully responsible for any damages done to themselves or others and know how to cycle and will be in good health. Toscana by Bike can not be held responsible for any damages that occur while on our bikes, whether you are with our escort or on your own.

This clause is valid for the one who has signed and all members of the group or family he/she signed for.

Use of the bikes are only for people of 18 years or older, unless accompanied by an adult who takes full responsibility for eventual damages to the underage person self or others.

Every participant has to respect the rules of caution and abide by the Italian laws regarding the use of public roads. Toscana by Bike can in no case be held responsible for anything that might happen while on the Italian roads.

Toscana by Bike has the right to change an itinerary or one or more activities planned, if deemed necessary for the safety of the group, either directly or through the escort.

When renting you will not be escorted and therefore assume full responsibility for your trip, meaning you know how to read maps and how to orient yourselves. Toscana by Bike can not be held responsible for any problems arising from getting lost or any other problems, delays or accidents.

Therefore, when renting a (e-) bike from us or participating on a tour with us, you take full risk and will in no way ever accuse or impute Toscana by Bike or any other service provider for anything that might happen or any accidents. This is valid for the one who signs as well as the whole group or family he/she signs for.

In case the client will not bring the bike or accessory back within 24 hours after the agreed period, this will be considered theft. Toscana by Bike can inform the Police and other competent organs. In case of theft of the bike or its accessories or both, the client will have to present Toscana by Bike a copy of the denunciation done by the relevant Italian Authorities within 5 days of the date of theft and will have to pay the full price of the bike and/or its accessories. In case the bikes gets found, the client will get this payment back.

The participants in a tour and the people who rent a (e-)bike will be held responsible for any damages to the equipment provided by Toscana by Bike and will have to repay the damages either in cash or by credit card (not American Express).


We strongly advise you to take out good travel insurance to cover any eventual cancellation costs. We also recommend you to take out good health insurance and insurance for lost luggage or personal items. 


The contract is regulated under Italian law and any disputes that arise that can not be resolved amicably, will be tried under Italian law.