40 km MTB cycling route in Tuscany

This 40 km route takes you over small country roads up and down the hills through the typical Tuscan countryside. You can stop in Cerbaia for a coffee or some lunch. 

The route is not difficult, especially if you have an e-bike (I do recommend you rent one unless you are really well trained). Since the route is about half on dirt roads (non asphalted roads) you do need a MTB to cycle comfortably.

Rent an (e-)bike in Montespertoli with us and download this route onto google map on your smart phone (we can give you the link in our shop).

Obviously this route is free for anybody to use, even if you are not a client of ours! Do drop us a line if you like the route, or 'like us' on Facebook!


Download Google map route:

Montespertoli - Ponte Rotto - Cerbaia - Google Map link

Montespertoli - Ponte Rotto - Cerbaia MTB route - KML file (see our KML manual for use on mobile phones)



Length: about 40 km

Not difficult to cycle on an e-MTB, no steep stretches and the roads and paths are in good condition.

Only for MTB of e-MTB

You can stop in Cerbaia for lunch or a coffee break. You are also passing close to Ginestra Fiorentina where you can get a very good ice cream!


Need advice or can't work it out? Do let us know, maybe we can help with the route.