An easy way to get the routes we have prepared (see 'Itineraries' in the menu above) on your mobile phone, without using data while you are cycling, is by getting the app from 

On this page you can find the right download for your type of mobile phone ...

Proceed with these simple steps:

  1. Install the app on your mobile.
  2. Navigate on your mobile phone to the itinerary you are interested in and double click on the KML file link.
  3. The app will show the route. It will ask you to download the map, choose 'download map + routing'.
  4. The whole map of Italy will download to your mobile phone, it will take a while!
  5. When finished you will see the route and can zoom into very great detail.
  6. To see where you are in the map, click on the blue triangle on the bottom left in the screen.

NOTE: Best is to download the Italy map already at home because it takes time! Also it can be useful everywhere in Italy to navigate without using mobile data.