We have made an audio guide for a short self guided tour in (e-)bike. Below you find the 5 pieces of the guide, each should be listened to while you are on the spots indicated on the map below.

You can download the kml file of the route and import it into maps.me (an app that has a detailed map working on the gps system of your phone, so no data roaming is needed). See instructions on the right.

Download the kml file (to then import into maps.me)

You can listen to the audio guide also without data roaming active if you preload each audio when you have wifi and not close the page so all remains awaiting for you to use it when you have no wifi (if the pre-loading is not done automatically, press the play button of each track and wait until the whole track is highlighted, if it starts playing, press the pause button).



Stop number 1: Via Ribaldaccio 


Stop number 2: Crossroad Via Fezzana / Via Montebetti


Stop number 3: Castello di Poppiano 


Stop number 4: In front of the Pieve di San Pancrazio  


Stop number 5: Crossroad Via Lucardese / Via Certaldese